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The flowerhorn fish store is the largest online aquarium fish store in India. Flowerhorn fish store provides different breed and strains of flowerhorn at an unbeatable price such as SRD, MAGMA, THAI SILK, GB, KML, and SRM. We're working in the field of aquarium since 2014 with great experience and knowledge we've moved one step forward in the filed.

Flowerhorn is a manmade hybrid tropical fish. Flowerhorn fish is noted for their vivid colors and the distinctively shaped of heads for which they are named.



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We offers you the best shopping experience possible for quality FlowerHorn, Betta, Discuss,Guppies and live plants. . . all at great prices. Our aquatic team takes extraordinary measures to ensure that all aquatic life receives the best possible care until they arrive safely to your home.

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Nature Aquarium

Our second focus is on the Nature Aquarium style of freshwater aquarium landscape such as mountains, jungles, deserts, waterfalls and many others. Nature aquariums contain specially selected aquatic plants, soil, rock, wood, and fish to form a natural aquatic ecosystem found in nature. Our goal is to mentor our customers in creating the aquarium of their dreams.

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Aquascaping is an art of arranging aquatic plants with rocks, substrate, and driftwood to create natural scenes such as mountains, jungles, deserts, waterfalls and many others. The aim of aquascaping is to create an artful underwater landscape.


A proper diet will do an excellent job of providing your fish with the range of nutrients it needs to stay health. Maintain suitable water temperatures with no sudden change. After a few days, use a testing kit to determine the levels of ammonia, nitrites and pH in the aquarium water. Monitor your tank regularly to ensure everything’s okay.


We are providing professional freshwater aquarium maintenance services. What services are needed will vary depends on the aquarium condition and will be determined on site. Maintenance services include cleaning of aquarium glass, filter cleaning, gravel cleaning and the addition of necessary water. Applying of medicines if required. We can schedule flexible services on a weekly, quarterly, monthly or as needed basis.